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To achieve greatness, two things are required: a plan and not quite enough time.”  
This sums up the career of Vinay. He started his career in production with Percept D’Mark. The exposure of large scale events and festivals was the ideal grooming experience for him. Vinay was actively involved in producing Sunburn for 7 years at Percept and several international projects for the company. From thereon Vinay’s journey was an effort and realization of crafting and creating a distinct reputation as a global standard large scale events producers. His projects include Global artist concerts like Ed Sheeran, A.R. Rahman to establishing a new festival in EVC. Vinay's last tenure saw him at the helm of the best work he has done, at BookMyShow live with events like NBA and U2 Concert. 
After co-founding trailblaze, Vinay aspires to be the best in live entertainment experiences and desires to impart his skills and knowledge to the next generation of event producers.


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